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As the world becomes increasingly familiar with digital experiences, and these extend into virtual reality and extended reality, the importance of touch in these environments is being overlooked.

Our digital world cannot reach its full potential until we can touch and interact with it as simply and intuitively as we do in the physical world.

The breadth of potential applications for sense-of-touch or haptic technology is difficult to encapsulate. The impact haptic technologies will have on our future should not be underestimated.

However, the high barriers to entry for working with and deploying haptics in any given area has limited innovation to highly skilled programmers and developers within high budget research projects, with only a handful of successful applications outside of academia.

We are levelling the playing field for access to haptic technology and incorporating touch into digital media. The Generic Robotics haptic ecosystem addresses problems such as a lack of general-purpose haptic hardware interfaces, no high-level authoring tools and an absence of any appropriate content in the many industries where touch-enabled experiences could have a dramatic impact.

From medical education and healthcare therapies to distance learning and cultural experiences, from artistic practice to accessibility advancements, we are already shaping ground-breaking and life-changing projects.

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Exemplary Projects

The Open University

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University of West London

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HubSpot Video
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Meet the team

Along with an advisory board made up of industry veterans and experts from some of the world's leading universities we are incredibly fortunate to have assembled a passionate, dedicated and highly experienced team.

Dr Alastair Barrow


Alastair has a PhD in haptics (virtual touch) and over 18 years of experience in technology R&D, including simulation projects in academic settings, focused on virtual touch technologies and their application to surgical and medical training.

Alastair is an Honorary Fellow at Imperial College London and an Honorary Lecturer at University College London. 

An experienced technology speaker specialising in VR, Education & Training, Haptics & Robotics, Alastair is passionate about technologies to improve our physical connection to the digital world.


Tom Smith


Tom has extensive experience developing technological solutions to complex problems, specialising in electronic, mechanical and software development disciplines. 

Tom has over 18 years of experience delivering projects within both research and industry environments. 

Tom leads the technology development of Generic Robotics, providing management and technical expertise.

Team Leads


Chris Byrne

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Creative and experienced engineer with deep knowledge of medical robotics and the commercial development pipeline.


Richard Piskorz

Environmental Artist

Passionate about game development and VR simulations. Always keen to learn new techniques and share knowledge. Favourite dev phrase “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature”.


Steve-125x125Steve Franck

Over 15 years of experience working in high tech finance and management make Steve the ideal person keep an early stage business on track.

Michael-125x125Michael DaCosta Babb

Michael’s 30+ years of PR & Marketing experience in the tech & creative Industries have armed him with a unique view point and possibly the largest Rolodex in London.

Jeremy-125x125Jeremy Glover
Legal Counsel

Jeremy advises businesses on everything from structure and compliance through to pay and incentives. Make sure you're on his side of the table!

Ready to explore the potential of touch or haptic technology?

We've supported world-class research institutions to develop ground-breaking and life-changing projects.

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