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Touch the future. 

The future of education, research, work and entertainment will be informed by engaging new digital technologies. At Generic Robotics, we believe our digital world cannot reach its full potential until we can touch and interact with it as simply and intuitively as we do in the physical world.

Generic Robotics' innovative haptic technology ecosystem allows designers, developers, researchers, artists and teachers to incorporate sense-of-touch into digital experiences quickly, effectively and without detailed technical know-how.

Generic Robotics offers the most advanced touch applications on the market, backed by over 30 years deep expertise in haptic technology.

The power of touch.

The sense of touch is our physical connection to the world and to each other. It is indispensable, enabling us to understand our environment and interact effectively within it. It is the first sense we develop and often the last to leave us.

Digital touch technologies, otherwise known as Haptics,create forces that push against your skin, stimulating your sense of touch. This tactile interaction enables experiences as subtle as the vibration you feel when you press an icon on a smartphone, to a complete, hyper-realistic recreation of a surgical procedure.

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“Teaching at a distance, certainly for an applied discipline like design and engineering, is not conceivable until we introduce touch."


Dr Lisa Bowers

Engineering and Innovation
The Open University

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Products and Services

The use cases for haptic feedback technologies are vast, but developing realistic virtual experiences is an expensive, time-consuming and risk-laden enterprise.

Generic Robotics has developed hardware, software and content authoring solutions that directly address these barriers, levelling the playing field for innovation in digital touch.

Teams can author sophisticated haptic content from day one of a project with seamlessly integrated out-of-the-box hardware and software. No programming or prior knowledge of haptics, robotics or physics is required.

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"Thousands and thousands of people across the music and music production industries will be able to work better, online, remotely, with haptics, faster, and in creative modes that we've not yet imagined."


Justin Paterson

Professor of Music Production
University of West London

Ready to explore the potential of touch or haptic technology?

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